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All prices in US Dollars


The cost for an order includes some or all of the following components:

1) Cost of balloons (minimum order is $44.95 worth of balloons)
2) Cost of non-balloon gift items (candy, Teddy Bear)
3) Base delivery charge (average delivery charge is $18, but range is 0 to $45)
4) Special delivery service charge (for special timing which is available in some cities)
5) Processing Fee ($10 for orders placed online; $15 for orders placed by phone)
6) Tax, where applicable (see the following tax rates in countries we serve)

Australia - 10%
Canada - 5%
Germany - 19%
Netherlands - 0%
UK - 0%
Ukraine - 0%
USA - No tax except Washington State with 9.5%

The delivery charge, processing fee, and applicable taxes will appear in your shopping cart as soon as you add an item to the cart and select the delivery time desired.

We offer three time frames for Standard Delivery service —

8am to 2pm
9am to 3pm
10am to 4pm

The delivery charge for standard service ranges from $0 to $50 in urban locations. Higher charges may apply in outlying areas.

Same day service can be ordered online in many US and Canadian cities for a $5 surcharge. To see if same-day service is available, use the CAN WE DELIVER feature in the top left column of this page.

If you have missed the same-day ordering deadline, we may be able to help you by phone. Please call us at 866-340-1268 for assistance.

When a tighter delivery time frame is desired, Special Delivery Service may be available if the order is scheduled at least one day in advance. Special delivery options, if available, we be offered in the shopping cart once you add the first item to the cart. Look for the delivery time frame window.

The following surcharges apply and are in addition to the standard delivery charge.

Any 4 hour period, between 8am and 5pm — $15 delivery surcharge
Any 3 hour period, between 8am and 5pm — $20 delivery surcharge
Any 2 hour period, between 8am and 5pm — $25 delivery surcharge
Any 1 hour period, between 8am and 5pm — $45 delivery surcharge

Delivery between 7am and 8am — $75 delivery surcharge
Delivery between 5pm and 8pm — $45 delivery surcharge
Delivery between 6pm and 9pm — $75 delivery surcharge

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Our unique balloon designs are arranged locally with balloons made in the United States, Canada, and Japan.
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Helium Filled Balloon Delivery Canada
Toronto :  Edmonton :  Mississauga :  more Canadian balloon delivery locations...

Balloons, Balloon Bouquets, Balloon Delivery and Balloon Decorating with is the leading network of balloon bouquet delivery and balloon decorating professionals. We deliver balloons and balloon bouquets to destinations across the United States and Canada. delivers the world's most unique balloons, featuring jumbo latex balloons and uniquely shaped foil mylar balloons. Customized balloon bouquets can be created for any occasion, and bulk balloons can be delivered for decorating your next special event. We strive to find and deliver only the best balloons made by respected American manufacturers such as Anagram and Qualatex.

Don't send flowers, send balloons! Balloons add lift to every occasion. Celebrate the important milestones in life with balloons for birthdays, anniversaries, graduation and retirement. Or bring out a healing smile with a get well balloon bouquet. We make balloon deliveries in most cities seven days a week and are available for orders by phone Monday through Friday.

We have an established history helping companies plan the balloon decor for their corporate events. Whether it is a local event or a nationwide campaign, offers professional balloon decorating services that are sure to promote the profile of your business. Order a la carte from our priced-to-order online selection of Balloon Arches, Balloon Trees, and Balloon Centerpieces or call us for a customized solution.

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