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Affiliate Marketing Program

The following information applies only to companies that are Partners of BalloonPlanet.com.

An Introduction (for Balloon Planet Partners only)

The Affiliate Marketing Program allows you to effortlessly earn commissions. Once your current web site is outfitted with a link to your Balloon Planet Store, you earn a commission from every order placed there, regardless of what city in which it is delivered. These automated referrals will increase sales for other Partners, and the referrals of other Partners will increase your sales. An interesting twist to the program is that in addition to commissions received from orders referred to other cities, if you refer your local customers to your Balloon Planet Store for local deliveries, you will receive a commission on those orders.

How Much Do I Earn?

The Affiliate Marketing Program pays 5% on the value of merchandise, and does not include delivery/set-up fees. You will notice that the Affiliate account page shows only the value of merchandise purchased with each order.

Affiliate commissions will be paid quarterly using the following schedule:

January 15 — Orders delivered October, November, December
April 15 — Orders delivered January, February, March
July 15 — Orders delivered April, May, June
October 15 — Orders delivered July, August, September

Commission payments will be made only if the amount equals or exceeds $50US. Any amount less than $50 will be rolled into the next earning period.

How To Get Started!

1. Complete the online application form.

2. Once the application is completed, you can view your new Affiliate account page. From this page look in the left column and click GRAPHICS. From the choices shown, decide which logo design and size will work best for your web site. Have your web master upload the link shown directly below the selected logo.

Note to web master: When copying this link, insert the Partner's company name as shown here in bold:

. . . www.balloonplanet.com/balloonthrills/affiliate=(affiliate code appears here) . . . .

This will link to the BalloonPlanet home page with the Partner's logo. With some Partners, this insertion name may vary from the full company name. Use whatever name is currently used for the BalloonPlanet home page showing the Partner's logo. For example, The Red Balloon Company uses only "redballoon" for its BalloonPlanet home page. You can view this by going to www.balloonplanet.com/redballoon. Check with Jim Parker in the Seattle office if you have questions (866-966-8964).

3. Update your phone message to include a message similar to this example for Balloon Thrills.

"To place an order for local or nationwide balloon delivery service, please vist us online at balloonthrills.com and look for the LOCAL AND NATIONWIDE BALLOON DELIVERY link.

Note: Your company's web address would be used instead of balloonthrills.com

How To Use Your Online Account Page

1. From any page of this web site, top right corner, click on AFFILIATE PROGRAM.

2. From the AFFILIATE MARKETING PROGRAM page, click on LOGIN. This will take you to your Affiliate account page (not your normal orders account page).

3. Once your Affiliate Marketing Program account page appears, use the links in the left column to navigate. You can view all of the traffic that has traveled from your web site to BalloonPlanet.com. You will also find orders that have been placed by these visitors and from customers you referred by phone.

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