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Affiliate Marketing Program

Earn more with BalloonPlanet Affiliate Marketing

The Affiliate Marketing Program allows you to effortlessly earn commissions. Once your current web site is outfitted with a link to your BalloonPlanet page, you earn a commission on every order placed through it for delivery anywhere within the network.

Not only do you increase your effective income on any order placed through your page, you also receive priority on any order even if you have a higher delivery charge than another partner serving the same ZIP code.

How Much Do I Earn?

The Affiliate Marketing Program pays 5% on the pre-tax total of an order. Commission payments are made monthly on your BalloonPlanet statement and are remitted with your statement payment. Payments are made only if the payout balance equals or exceeds $20US. Any amount less than $20 will be rolled into the next earning period.

How To Get Started?

BalloonPlanet Partners:

Good news! You're already set up for affiliate marketing. Contact us for the link to your BalloonPlanet page.

1. Once you receive your partner link, add it to your website. We recommend adding the link in your website menu under the title "Order a Balloon Delivery".

2. Update your phone message to include a message similar to this example for Balloon Thrills.

"To place an order for local or nationwide balloon delivery service, please vist us online at balloonthrills.com and look for the Order a Balloon Delivery link.

Is the Affiliate Marketing Program open to others?

Yes, by request and approval only.

Complete the online application form here. We will review your application and be in touch to let you know if you're approved and to provide you with a link to your affiliate marketing page.

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