How to Order Online

STEP ONE - Identify the Delivery Location and Delivery Date

On our home page or any page where balloons are shown, look for a box that will allow you to enter the following information:

1. Select the country where the delivery will take place.
2. Enter the Zip Code/Postal Code for the delivery location.
3. Select the delivery date.
4. Click the CHECK button.

ALERT! Our site will not permit you to set up an account until steps 2 through 7 have been completed.

STEP TWO - Begin Shopping

Select a ready-made bouquet or create your bouquet form scratch. You can also combine these steps and add balloons to a ready-made bouquet.

You will find ready-made bouquets in three places:

1. In the gallery of Popular Bouquets on the home page
2. Under the BIRTHDAY BOUQUETS tab at the top of any page
3. Under the ALL BALLOON BOUQUETS tab at the top of any page

You will find individual balloons of all types under the tab CREATE YOUR BOUQUET.

If you need large quantities of plain balloons, use the tab titled BULK PLAIN BALLOONS.

If you need balloon decorating for a special event, use the tab titled BALLOON DECOR.

If you would like to add candy or a plush bear to your order, go to GIFT ITEMS under the CREATE YOUR BOUQUET tab.

STEP THREE - Determine if a Weight is Required

If you are ordering a ready-made bouquet, a weight will automatically be included.

If you are ordering a ready-made bouquet and additing balloons to this bouquet, a weight will automatically be included.

If you are ordering a custom-made bouquet, a weight is not included and you should add a weight to your order. To do this, click on the box in your cart which is titled MAKE IT A BOUQUET - ADD A WEIGHT.

If you are ordering a ready-made bouquet as one item, and a custom bouquet as another item, you will need to add a weight for the custom bouquet. If there are multiple custom bouquets, be sure to add a weight for each.

If you are ordering bulk balloons and need these divided into groups, you will need to order one weight per group. Be sure to add the correct quantity.

STEP FOUR - Select Delivery Time Slot

You will find delivery time options on the shopping cart page. If you do not select a time slot, your delivery will be scheduled for the default time slot.

STEP FIVE - Add Greeting

Immediately beneath the balloons pictured in your cart is a box where you can add your personal greeting, if applicable.

STEP SIX - Add Additional Instructions

Below the Message Card box is an Additional Instructions box. Provide information here that will assist us in fulfilling your order. This is also where you may specify color details.

STEP SEVEN - Proceed to Checkout

Once you have added all the products you need to your cart, click the button titled CHECKOUT at the bottom of the page. Complete your order by providing details as requested during the checkout process.


For additional information, please check our Frequently Asked Questions


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