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Custom Balloon Printing

Need printed balloons?

Balloon Planet no longer offers custom balloon printing. Please contact Balloons Direct for this service. To arrange the inflation of these balloons, contact Balloon Planet customer service (866-966-8964).

Need printed balloons inflated and delivered?

It is possible to order printed balloons from Balloons Direct and then arrange to have those balloons inflated and delivered by Balloon Planet. Take the following steps for this type of service.

1. Contact Balloons Direct for availability and pricing. We recommend ordering the 11-inch or 12-inch size. You will need to make arrangements to have your printed balloons drop-shipped to the Balloon Planet partner who will be inflating and delivering your order.

2. Contact Balloon Planet customer service for availability and pricing of inflation and delivery service.

You will be placing two orders — a custom printing balloon order with Balloons Direct and an inflation/delivery order with Balloon Planet.

I have my own printed balloons. Can Balloon Planet inflate and deliver these for me?

Yes, if the following requirements are met.

- If the balloons are high quality. This can be determined by speaking with Balloon Planet customer service.

- If the balloons are the 11-inch or 12-inch size. This can usually be determined by referring to the receipt from the company that printed your balloons. Call Balloon Planet customer service if the balloons are larger than 12 inches.

- If a suitable delivery slot is available on the required delivery date.

Contact Balloon Planet customer service for availability and pricing.


BalloonPlanet.com customer service: (866) 966-8964

Balloons Direct customer service: (888) 323-5181




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