How to Order Bulk Balloons Online

STEP ONE - Identify the Delivery Location and Delivery Date

On any page where balloons are shown, look for a box that will allow you to enter the following information:

1. Enter the ZIP Code or Postal Code for the delivery location.
2. Select the delivery date.

ALERT! Our site will not permit you to set up an account until steps 2 through 7 have been completed.

STEP TWO - Begin Shopping
Determine which size balloon you would like and add the appropriate quantity to your cart. Add color information in Step Five.

STEP THREE - Determine if a Weight is Required

If the balloons are to be delivered as a bulk order, and you plan to separate and arrange the balloons yourself, you do not need to order weights. We will assume you have your own.

If you prefer to have your order divided into smaller groups, please provide specific instructions (Step Five) and add one weight for every balloon group.

STEP FOUR - Select Delivery Time Slot

You will find delivery time options on the shopping cart page. If you need a time slot that is not offered, please contact us for assistance.

STEP FIVE - Add Additional Instructions

Adjacent to the greeting card box is a special instructions box. Provide information here that will assist us in fulfilling your order, such as color details.

STEP  SIX - Proceed to Checkout

Once you have completed adding items to your cart, click the CHECKOUT button at the bottom of the page. Complete your order by providing details as requested during the checkout process.


For additional information, please check our Frequently Asked Questions

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